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Let’s make this as simple as possible!

Hands up anyone who has been told that the reason they hit bad shots is because of one or more of the following faults,

  • “You peeked” You must learn to Keep your head down and still.

  • You have a flying elbow.

  • Keep your left arm straight.

  • A hook is bad, a slice is worse. Just learn to hit it straight.

  • You did not follow through correctly.

  • You didn’t get under the ball.

  • You lost your balance.

  • You don’t have a full back-swing.

  • You swung too fast, slow it down. Or even you need to swing it faster to hit it further.

  • You don’t practice enough "practice makes perfect".

  • You didn’t swing the club out towards the target.

  • You must learn to Bend your knees and stick your backside out.

If you answered yes to 1 or more of the above and have been practicing REALLY hard to overcome any of these particular faults, then you could well be “Working hard, on getting WORSE” In fact have a look at some of the above mentioned faults and see if you recognize any of these horrible golfers,

One of my favorite quotes is from the Nobel Prize winning physicists Enrico Fermi; I’m not sure if he played golf or had a golf lesson but there is every possibility he was referring to it here

“Before I came here I was confused about this subject. Having listened to your lecture I am still confused. But on a higher level”

Just like there is no correct way to climb to the top of a tree, there is no one correct way to swing a golf club.

Is golf a tough game to play? YES

Will I ever be 100% consistent? No

How will I ever remember the huge list of dos & don’ts? YOU WON’T

Am I doomed to a life of inconsistent golf? NO, NOT IF YOU UNDERSTAND GOLFS SIMPLE FUNDAMENTALS.

  1. Learn skills not swings.

  2. Understand impact.

  3. Play to your strengths.

  4. Practice your weakness productively.

There you have it, Golf’s simple fundamentals. By having a plan for improvement and working on these 4 simple steps, you will finally be able to discard all the other swing myths and truly learn how to play to your full potential.

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