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Driver Fitting

Price: $50


Our Driver Fitting is a detailed process that takes the guess work out of choosing the correct equipment. Using the state of the art GC2 Launch Monitor we study the following aspects of the club performance and customize as required. By fitting your club to your swing, we ensure you acheive optimal yaradge.



Each driver model has specific ball flight attributes as well as aesthetic differences.



The ideal driver length will be determined by the player's ability to consistently hit the center of clubface.



Backspin that is too high results in shorter carry and roll distances. Backspin that is too low reduces carry distance and can cause instability in flight.



Increasing your Smash Factor (ball speed divided by the club head speed) is the key to power—maximum Smash Factor is 1.5.



The club’s loft (static & dynamic) is the major factor influencing the golfer’s chance of launching the ball correctly between 10 and 14 degrees.


Isn't it about time you benefited from the latest launch monitor technology that until now has been reserved only for the elite players of the world? With the right driver specifications you can optimize your launch conditions so you’ll maximize your driving distance just like the Tour Pros.





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